Agent of M.O.D.E.X.

Agent of M.O.D.E.X. is a mobile game currently in development, featuring card collecting, player battles, an engaging story, and dynamically created creatures.

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No P2W Here

Agent of M.O.D.E.X. will be available free for Android, Windows Phone, and iOS. We will not feature ANY freemium or P2W (pay-to-win) tactics.

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Get Some Gear

Look cool and support our development. Grab some M.O.D.E.X. gear today.

We've Got Class

Utilize the class system to build devastating decks and dominate your opponent. Find out more about our class system, and see why battles improve with a little class.

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Don't Just Play The Game

Immerse yourself in an augmented reality game. Become an Agent and hunt down dangerous creatures in your home, your community, your world.

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How Many Creatures?

We want our game to offer a lot of unique creatures... a whole lot. In fact, Agent of M.O.D.E.X. was founded on the idea that you should be able to find TRILLIONS of unique creatures. Curious?